The Internship


2019 DATES

MAY 31 - July 26



Dallas Fellows has identified meaningful internship opportunities across a variety of market sectors. Each Fellow will be employed in a responsible private, public, or non-profit sector job that requires the Fellow to produce deliverables that are relevant to the success of his or her employer. In addition to performing meaningful assignments, the Fellow will have the opportunity to interact on a regular basis with his mentor, who is committed to engaging in the life of the Fellow on a regular basis. Fellows will work at this job 4 days each week on average, allowing time for the other key program elements outlined below.


Community Involvement

All Fellows will live together in a house in Dallas and participate with a community of committed, caring adults. The adults will include them in the lives of their families and community, openly and honestly sharing their lives. Through this interaction, the Fellows will gain line-of-site experience related to core principles/life-style choices including service to others, mutual submission, and the commitment to being reconciled.


Serving Others

In addition to having a job, each Fellow will be expected to participate in selected community service projects. Involvement in such projects will expose the Fellow to the underprivileged and the challenges of leadership in that context.


Enrichment Activities

In addition to their job and community life, each Fellow will be afforded numerous additional opportunities for personal enrichment including interaction with other young adults, business leaders and like-minded families & friends.


bible Study

Dallas Fellows has developed a series focused on who we are in Christ. It includes biblical principles and exposure to selected literature. It is hoped that each Fellow will grasp the principles and be able to share them amongst their friends and community