The Dallas Fellows is focused on the development of leadership skills in college students.  It is designed to engage young people in a focused, two month exploration of their unique purpose and vocational pathway. Each Fellow will learn how to live a completed life: the integration of work, faith, family, and community as informed by the Scriptures.

The Fellows Program is designed to teach young people to live out their faith while becoming leaders in their families, communities, marriages and professions. The program will emphasize that all work is sacred, while recognizing that leadership in these four areas is too often disconnected from spiritual values. Our hope is to teach Fellow to integrate their beliefs into all areas of their lives.

The Dallas Fellows believes that active, daily interaction between each other and their community of families and friends is essential. The Fellows Program employs an apprenticeship style of learning and requires a serious commitment on the part of each Fellow, the mentors and the community of adults dedicated to engaging them in an ongoing dialog. The Fellows are exposed to leadership modeled for them on a daily basis.