1.         Were will I work and what is my schedule?

Each Fellow will be assigned to a Dallas area business partner that we hope will be a match for your interests, personality and talents. You will work full-time 4 days a week under the close guidance of a mentor in the company, in accordance with that organization’s normal personnel policies. You will be expected to produce deliverables as needed by the organization. You will be paid $12/hr for a 40-hour week.

2.         What happens on the 5th day?

One day per week, probably Friday, will be an enrichment, spiritual development or community service day.

3.         How does the “curriculum” fit into the program?

In addition to the above mentioned weekly spiritual development day, each week will include a structured Bible Study, a House Meeting, lunches with friends of the program and host family dinners.

4.         What is the housing situation?

All Fellows will live together in a furnished home in the Dallas area. You will be expected to care for the home, to prepare and eat certain meals together, to have weekly house meetings with one or more Advisory Board members and to host and entertain family or friends who may visit Dallas.  The interns will be a family, with all the responsibilities and blessings that come from living in community.